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Process technology for the food industry

Of the many application process used in the food industry, two methods are presented first, that contribute to non-physically induced processes for sterilizing. These methods are often combined with UVC technology, thus contributing to the optimization of the overall process. A third method is used primarily to protect the environment of the neighbourhood of industrial plants.

The Smoke ➞ ➞ in combination with maturity processes is one of the oldest preservation techniques.

The Odour removal ➞often represents a useful complement to the disinfection process and serves primarily to protect the environment against unpleasant odours from the slaughter industry, the rendering industry, food production (exhaust air from fryers, fish processing, vinegar smells and much more).

The Air dehumidification ➞tends to a deterioration of living conditions for microorganisms and is often a prerequisite for the prevention of mold formation.

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