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On this page current projects will be presented that have been planned and realized by the engineering firm Merschbrock.

Project UVC disinfection tunnel in a delicatessen plant

In March 2013, the third disinfection tunnel, designed by Dipl.-Ing Merschbrock, was put into operation in a Swiss delicatessen plant. The first two tunnels are in a delicatessen plant in Rietberg.

In the Europe-wide operating company, all wrapped raw materials delivered are send trough this tunnel to clean the surface of the packaging from germs such as bacteria, yeasts and mold spores. These include poly bag with pre-cooked potato slices, bag with mushrooms, carrots, celery, peppers, onions and other vegetables, which are processed in delicatessen salads as well as cans of pickles and other raw materials.

With the UVC Logger the delicatessen company can measure it actually applied UVC dose if needed and also identify the UVC transmission of new packaging.

Inlet side of the tunnel with poly bags of precooked potatoes for the production of potato
Open cover and pulled out drawers. The upper frame together with the UV lamp is adjustable in height, so that the emitter always be as close as possible in different sized containers at the surface to be sterilized. The lower UV lamps, which pass rays through the wire mesh band, are for maintenance purposes in removable drawers.
Christian Merschbrock during commissioning of the plant
UVC logger in a holding device, which ensures that in the measurement of the radiation coming from below there is no shading by the bars.

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