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Air dehumidification

In many processes of food processing, large amounts of water vapor are produced. Moreover, after the daily cleaning work, the production premises are saturated with water vapor. The easiest way to submit this moist air through large-sized fans to the outside prohibits often for economic reasons, because the inflowing fresh air needs to be cooled down again.
To perform this dehumidification targeted, the market offers different, sometimes very expensive systems, such as the use of hydrophilic chemical substances that absorb the humidity in itself. In a second step, the water-saturated solution must be regenerated by heating.

A simpler method is the cooling technology. It uses the "dew point" of the saturated air. The air is so cooled much, that the moisture reflects as ice crystals on specific heat exchanger tubes. This process also takes place in almost every cooling unit (ceiling evaporator), only that the cooling process can clog the very closely spaced cooling fins by ice formation.

The company Gath has developed optimized stainless steel tube-coolers for the process of dehumidification. Through subsequent heating of the cooler the ice melts again and can be removed as water into drains.

The geometry of the Gath-systems and the cooling capacity are designed so that air can additionally be sterilized with UVC emitters and the systems can be used for air conditioning and no energy is lost.

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heat exchange units of stainless steel tubes of different geometry.

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