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Business area

The engineering office Merschbrock is active in various fields of business.
The products offered are either self-developed and manufactured by different partners or marketed under trade missions on a commission basis.

Focus is on the physical disinfection technology.
With UVC emitters by orca GmbH, Kürten, surfaces, air and process liquids are sterilized.
The microwave technology is used when e.g. Bulk solids, pasty and liquid materials or finished products are to be sterilized/ pasteurized in the package.
The radio frequency technology is particularly suitable for defrosting and drying.
The infrared technology is used for heating, drying and surface-sterilization of products and objects.
For the food industry, we have products and processes in the portfolio that have a strong link to the disinfection technology. Furthermore, there is the smoke technology in combination with ripening room technology, air dehumidification and finally the plasma technology for the destruction of unpleasant odors.

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